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Augmented reality

Creating augmented realities can enhance a project, an exhibition or an educational project. You can create exploration and discovery games, inform a client about a product or simply create a personal project. To do this, you need to prepare the information you want from an image that will serve as a trigger to start an image file, an audio file or an audio-video montage that will be triggered for free by the mobile app. Note that the programmed images must be perfectly identical for the trigger to work properly. Also, the brightness must be almost the same.

Mobile App

The RAV3D-STUDIO application allows you to trigger your augmented realities of your projects. To create augmented reality, you need to choose a plan and download the app. The package will allow you to save your information files in order to make them available in your exhibition, your classroom, your business, etc. The application allows you to associate your information file with a product, a work or an image and also allows your visitors, customers, students to see your projects in augmented reality. It is by pointing their device at an image, the label of a product, a work, that your video, sound file, image or other is superimposed on the user's screen.

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Use Augmented Reality to inform your customers so that they make the right choice and have a satisfying customer experience.

We can create a virtual floor informant for you. This informant allows your customers to inform themselves without the help of your sales consultants using pre-programmed images (no QR codes).

Want to offer this experience online? Create a 360 visit for online sales or to get customers interested in your products in-store.


Is enhancing the museum experience one of your objectives? On site or online, Augmented Reality and 360° virtual tours are ideal tools to create interactivity, challenges, and thematic paths to enhance the visitor experience.

Offer them the possibility to play, explore, take up a challenge, or even create from your exhibitions!


Teacher? Create motivating classroom projects that integrate the use of ICT in all stages of student work.

For schools? Use the 360 visit and Augmented Reality to do thematic activities, to inform or to create events...

Personal project? Create a game, a challenge, a course to enhance a party, make a special event...